Active English

Do you love speaking English? Have you always wanted to talk English all day long with people your own age who share your enjoyment of the language? In the Active English class we will encourage you to push yourself to total fluency, with a deep knowledge of grammar, humour and culture in several English speaking countries. 


A working relationship with Slagelse Gymnasium. Global studies: A working relationship with America. Climate and environment Film, music, art, drama. Literature and humour in English speaking countries. Language studies, grammar. History of England. Communication: politeness, formal and informal speech. A happening Guest speakers and a visit to the theatre. Physical activities/outdoor recreation. 

In short we are going to have great fun! You could also start dreaming in English! Maybe you want to go on to study in English (the international line at the gymnasium/ university), travel the world or just be fluent. Whatever your reasons for choosing this line of study, we welcome you to an action-packed year. 

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